My NonBlackPOC Immigrant Grandfather Hated The Police And You Can Too

America (all of it), is so anti-Black, when NonBlackPOC arrive to the US, they believe assimilating with this thought will keep them safe from white supremacy. And it appears when you practice white supremacy to the utmost by killing Black Americans, you get to participate in the privileges that come with sacrificing Black lives. 

Murderer of Philando Castile, Jeronimo Yanez, is Latino.


Murderer of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, is Latino.


Murderer of Akai Gurley, Peter Liang, was Asian.


Justice is served when white supremacy is protected. Even if the average wages of your demographic are so low, you will never achieve white supremacist wealth. Even if the average reading level of your demographic is so low, only 1.7% of your demographic has attained a PhD. Even if your demographic is exploited for your technological brain savvy for 50% of the cost.

You will never be equal if you don't recognize that until Black Americans are equal, none of us are equal.

 "I've never been selected for Jury Duty because when they ask how I feel about the police, I say, "I hate them. They discriminate against my sons because they are dark." - my NonBlackPOC Grandfather