What are we About?

Bananas are a universal fruit. For Africa, the Caribbean and the Diaspora of Blackness, bananas are the holy grail. The fruit is yellow at it's awakening and of other shades as it matures; at every point of it's life, the fruit is used. Yellow signifies sunshine, hope, and new beginnings. The solar plexus, or the third chakra, is represented as yellow. At solar plexus, non-physical energy and the physical body join. The foundation of identity and ego is found within the solar plexus; confidence, self-esteem, and willpower reside within this space. 

Despite the positive characteristics of the color of the banana, yellow, women of color stray away from wearing and naturally fail to represent it. In fact, communities of color have leaned on yellow to push colorism. Rotten Bananas is about taking back the power that Bananas lend communities of color.